Exclusive interview with the NICTD in August’s edition of Business Review USA

Chief Information Officer Boris Matakovic speaks with Business Review USA regarding how South Shore railway in Indiana is in the process of transforming its services to meet modern-day demands.

Operating since 1908, surviving financial crashes and the increased popularity of the car, NICTD has had to revolutionize its business model to appeal to consumers and corporate businesses. The company has placed significant investment within its technological infrastructure, providing a multitude of benefits for users on the move.

“The implementation of Wi-Fi has improved relations with our existing customer base, and it’s something that really does attract people to our service,” comments Matakovic.


Despite its advantages, such as cheaper costs to travel via rail than by car, the company is still undergoing a number of challenges, but remains steadfast in its commitment to both staff, with a high retention rate, besides customers who utilize public transport rather than drive.


“People can buy their train tickets right on their smartphones because basically everybody owns their own ticket kiosk at that point,” adds Matakovic.


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