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New parking enforcement tech coming

Downtown Prince George’s long-awaited license plate recognition system should be in place by mid-October.

At Monday’s council meeting, councillors approved two bylaw changes that will underpin the new program, increasing parking fines and changing rules around time limits.

Weekends will be free, but during the workweek, the hourly rules will likely take effect from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. And there will be a three-hour “cumulative” clock regardless of where people park in the downtown, which will affect those who move their cars every couple hours as a way to park all day.

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Nashville for the 2016 IPI Show

Join us in Nashville for the 2016 IPI Show.  VenTek will be showcasing its PBL solutions which include pay stations, LPR cameras, online permitting, enforcement and web-based, citation payment.   Please stop by booth #529 so we can show you how VenTek has integrated with the latest parking technologies.  Better yet, if you would like a private demonstration contact us at (707) 773-3373 and set up an private time at the event for us to show you all the solutions VenTek is able to provide.


Contact us today, and learn more about how we can service all your parking needs.